Making Music from Noise

I’ve noticed something about people who are truly happy.  They will say they are in harmony with their authenticity.  In other words, they are being true to themselves and living in alignment with that.

When your values and purpose and intention align with the way you live and work there is resonance.  Resonance is what you hear when you listen to a symphony.  It is the way all the notes from all the assorted instruments play together in such a way that the collective sound of all of them is lovelier than the separate instruments playing alone.  That is how music happens.

When the separate areas of your life come together in harmony, when your work supports the way you want to live and the relationships you enjoy are supporting your wellbeing and the way you take care of yourself allows you to do the work you want to do in the world, when all of that comes together like a glorious orchestra, then your life is in a state of resonance.  Here you find peace and happiness even though it may not be every single minute but there is a foundation of resonance that allows some dissonance to occur and still be the music of life.

Unhappiness is really dissonance.  If you have ever heard a 3rd grade music class you will recognize dissonance. There is a harsh, disagreeable combination of elements, what you call discord, that creates anxiety, depression, fear and a sense of disempowerment. Nothing can flow from this place.  Everything is separate, not working in support of each other, as if each area of your life were stashed into separate compartments walled off from one another.

The world is full of noise!  The irony is that the deep, true, sustainable resonance often emerges from silence and stillness, not from motion and sound.  It is in that stillness that you can hear your truth and from there make choices that resonate with that authentic voice.  That is stillness becoming alive.

You can make your life resonant with your personal truth.  You don’t have to become a monk to do it.  It takes courage and a real choice to move the elements of your life around until they resonate, until they are playing beautiful music together.  That is the music of life you hear.  And it is only with this music that the soul can truly dance.

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